The Nurse Who Failed Me

November 2011 was the first time in awhile that I would see Ken Andrews and Kellii Scott in 1 location. It was pretty awesome to see both of them there at the Coronet Theater. It was a benefit concert for the schools in Japan for their music programs post earthquake/tsunami that year. Besides being a worthwhile cause, it was exciting to see Ken and Kellii sans Greg Edwards with my favorite symphonic quartet, "The Section Quartet!" The evening was a star-studded night and you could see who was there in the poster that I instagrammed (

I have school tomorrow and need to get up early, so this brief note about the performance: Margaret Cho is not a trained singer! Maybe a casual in the shower kind of singer, but... she insisted on doing back ups for the ONE song that 2 - 3rds of Failure were going to perform. Kind of ruined the moment, not sure if Ken and Kellii were happy about that but they went along fine. I remember that night that Ken might have had a cold cause his son was sick at the time and had to rush home after the performance/show. But that was when I got 2 Failure albums signed by both Ken and Kellii (who signed my "Comfort" LP, even tho Kellii didn't perform on it, he certainly plays the songs as if he did tho). I was a happy boy that night for sure tho. Without further adieu:


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