Cloudy Night Fake Estate

For shame, I didn't go to this show, I regret not going to both shows that they played back-2-back at the Troubadour. Wow, Sunny Day Real Estate I'm talking about... I don't think I had the pleasure of watching them play any shows related to the Rising Tide album. For shame 2x! I missed them all together during that era and I completely, sadly, regret not have gone to any of those shows during that album's life span. This set was great, I wish they had played "Faces in Disguise," one of my favorite songs on that album. Looks like they'll indefinitely won't return since the band imploded during writing the follow-up to the Rising Tide. The only scrap you'll find is the last and only song they recorded which was released on a split with Circa Survive for Record Store Day a couple years ago (?). "Lipton Witch" was the name of that track. Sad, sad indeed.


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