Here's how to order...

Hey ho! Let's go! Alright, Big Jesus is making a BIG step with a pledge music campaign! Weird, I thought they were signed to Mascot Records, whom pulled on their music off of the streaming sites... I figured since their signed to a label they should have the proper funds to be a startup label, huh? Pledgemusic gets the fans involved but what the hey, I hope it's successful!

Once you order, you get their 1st single "SP" d/led immediately! Hmm, at first thought I was thinking "Smashing Pumpkins" as the title for the single. There's maybe an homage to them in the lyrics maybe? But the feedback at the beginning totally remind me of S.P. I'll have to pick their brains next time I see them!

Duh! There's secretly more tracks around if you look hard enough!


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