20 Fantastic Planets

It happened... Last night was Failure's 20th Anniversary of Fantastic Planet at the Roxy. From what I gathered from friends that went to the previous 2 nights was that this was the show that topped the Pomona and San Diego shows. What an event, it was Fan Plan front to back and it brought back memories of the Whisky show, but this was even better than that. NOTE: they filmed with about a half dozen professional cameras ranging from the big studio cameras to DSLRs. Priscilla Scott was manning one of the cams in the VIP area at the edge. They had the "filming" disclosure posted outside of the venue and my buddy Dave Boccuzzi "ham'd" it up for the cameras last night. It was a glorious night indeed, full of friends and people I call family showed up for this special show. 20 years, man, I'm old... but loving the memories!




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