Why I'd like to Hate it too

There was a lot of woo-haa RE; this recent show with Hum co-headlining/opening for Touche Amore. It was Touche Amore's show and they asked Hum to play as well as Balance & Composure. Thus, it's not a Hum headlining show. With that cleared, there were a lot of Humheads that stayed for Hum and left when Touche Amore showed up. It was an opportunity for Hum to win over some of the hipster hxc kids... This show wasn't sold out unfortunately, but the New York show was and they played 2 newish songs there (Inklings and Cloud City). At the Fox, Hum only played Inklings and it gets better every time I hear it. I'm about to pass out, so I'm signing off till I hibernate for the evening... enjoy...



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