Last One Escapes, Wins!

Ah yes, the last Socal date of The Dillinger Escape Plan, O'Brother, Cult Leader, and Entheos tour package was a suckcess at the Regent on All Hallow's Eve. O'Brother was great to see, however, they stuck out like a sore thumb due to stylistic differences with the other bands. O'Brother is more like ethereal hard rock, while the other 3 bands were progressive in a way that they're fast & screaming. I still enjoy O'Brother, I think they're great! I hope they come back soon and properly tour CA.

On the otherhand, it's supposedly Dillingers last LA/soCal date before they call it quits and meet their demise. As I've said before, I saw them with the original singer, Dmitri, and the first time I saw them was with Mr. Bungle and felt crushed under the technical onslaught of their riffs. I've seen them as early as 1997 at the Glass House and Knitting Factory. Every show and every tour brought something different and special. I'm glad that the HiHat set difffered from All Hallow's Eve at the Regent. The October date had a few new songs from their Dissociation LP. Ok, I slowly realized that I'm typing babble on this laptop and I have class in the early part of the afternoon today. It's 6am PDT and my eyes are tired...


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