I've got no knife...

I was creeping up on my archive and found this soundboard I recorded at the Casbah in 2002. Regretful that I didn't record Denali that night, they were hauntingly spectacular. Maybe I didn't have enough minidiscs on me at the time. I did record Houston and Jen Wood tho.

This was a phenomenal show - for the record release of "Riot For Romance!" Not my favorite of theirs, but still had some solid songs on there. Sadly bass is not really prominent in the mix, wish I had an audience recording of this as well, but I only had one minidisc player. Great mixture of songs in this set.

The  Houston set was the first and last of Houston touring alone w/o Shiner I believe. So glad they played this show.

Anywho, enjoy this No Knife set!


  1. No Knife RULES! Can't wait to hear this set!! Thanks, pal!

    -Matty (Ox Vs. TBird)


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