A Sunny LP2 Cassette

I got this from a trade in the late 90s when the internet broke loose and I was going to college. These are rough mixes of Sunny Day Real Estate's sophomore release, LP2 or otherwise known as the Pink Album. This rough mix is missing a few songs that made it to the official release--I think Rodeo Jones and J'nuh are the cuts that are not featured here.

2 bonus songs, 9 and 48 were included that were clean rips from another cassette to this copy that I received.


  1. Was listening to .30-O6 and stumbled on your website. I had no idea Sean had passed, I always loved their music but hadn't listened to or thought about them in a while. I remember you from the Swervedriver list (or perhaps Psychic Vacuum, or even possibly thirdgearscratch). Anyhow, you posted this on my bday, so YAY! Thanks for sharing -michael

    1. Hey Michael, I was on the Swervedriver forum and thirdgearscratch for a bit. Never heard of Psychic Vacuum... Happy belated Birthday! My Bday is a day after yours...

    2. Nice!! Happy belated Bday to you as well. Psychicvacuum was a list for Hum waaaaay back in the day. Like, 1998?


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