Mother Earth I Love

I remember when this was released in 2015, a new I Mother Earth song. I bought the flac immediately off their site at the time and was hoping to hear more news from them, like a possible tour. I loved all the stuff they put out and I recall hearing about the feud between the fans re: the 2nd singer and Edwin.

I listened to the download of the song and didn't realize how low in volume that this song was mastered. Actually, I have a feeling they didn't get it mastered because it was a brand new song and maybe they were hoping to release a new album. 2 more songs were subsequently released, one track was called, "The Devil's Engine." I think I missed the boat on buying the download of these 2 last tracks. Might have to send an S.O.S. to fans to see if they can dig it up.

Last I heard what IME were doing was reuniting the band with BOTH singers in tow. So they were playing stuff from the 1st 2 records with Edwin and the latter 2 with the other singer... whose name I'm about to look up...

Anywho, I did a faux mastering job for the download that I had and this is it.

320kbps mp3s

V0 kbps mp3s


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