The Orange Code

A friend of mine introduced me to the Philly band, Code Orange, about a little over a year ago. I missed an opportunity when they opened for Meshuggah which I now regret. This band blew me away earlier this month and I'm finally getting around to sharing this with you all. The night was stacked with about 5 bands: Code Orange headlining, Disembodied, Twitching Tongues, Show Me The Body, and Vein. For me the only weakest link was the band Show Me The Body although their approach was admirable for the singer played a "distorted" banjo. The banjo was normal... as in a regular banjo, but was going through a practice amp with distortion. It was funny at 1st, but the music gained some traction and interest from the crowd and the pit.

Code put on a great show and played a great set, met some cool peeps on the way which is always a bonus. Met Steve who films bands similar to my buddy Cavis (who passed away a year and a day after the date of this show - RIP Cavis). Well enjoy this heavy set!

320kbps mp3s

V0 kbps mp3s


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