Go-cart bomb-jira

Ahh, the memories. This tour was phenomenal with headliners, Gojira, and NYC's very own, Car Bomb opening. I recorded the CA date of this tour at the Key Club but recall that my levels were blown out by having the mic gain on way too high during the entire set. Disappointment ensued upon realization. At least I found this set and thanks to the taper for this one from Chicago's Bottom Lounge. 

The 1st time I saw Car Bomb was with Hollywood Undead at the Glass House with a packaged tour which sucked cause they were allotted a brief set. I left after Car Bomb played despite Greg (guitarist's name?) breaking a string on stage. It was comical and sad for fans.

Here's the set from 2012, enjoy this one.


Check out my friend's son's blog about Car Bomb:


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