Houston, do you copy? REDUX

One of my favorite Houston sets in which the band plays "Ocean" from the Overhead album. Only catch is, if you listen closely enough, there's a dude there not really playing a sax throughout the set. *FACE PALM* Jeff tried his best to quell the guy from noisily disturbing other concert goers. There's also a jam in this set as well. This was recorded by a friend, Ralph Bryant I believe. 



So glad this show was recorded because it has Houston performing Rush's "Limelight." Almost every show that I saw they would close with "Romp," which fortunately this particular evening they did play but had the cover subsequently after. Enjoy!



  1. The Bernie's show was not recorded by me, the Reverb set was! Also, did you see this gem? https://youtu.be/IGFIB4-wGLE


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