Friday the 13th Part 5,000

Last Friday's Red Sparowes show was great--it was FREE as well as the beer. They played all songs off of their newly released Aphorisms [EP] and a total of 45min. Included was visuals from a projector which I hope to get some photos here on this blog. Without further adieu:

Red Sparowes V0 mp3

What a sad show, people left the Alterknit Lounge after 2 or 3 songs--though their intention was mainly to watch the previous band. There were only 2 of us to watch System and Station and since there were just me and another dude, the band played only 5 songs. By request of the band, I took out the 4th song of the set due to some difficulties. Enjoy...

System and Station V0 mp3

S&S link unbroken


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