Updates of Old

Heya, smiley! So, I noticed that I snafu'd the reissue of my Chavez 2004 New York boot and put up V2 mp3s instead of V0--that's updated now!

2004 Reunion of Chavez, V0 mp3s

Yeah, now my xACT program is spitting out V2 mp3s when i told it to do V0 mp3s. Might have to update the program or the plugin for it.

Not sure if I released this already, but this time it's in V0 mp3s; the New Year's show reunion of Chavez in 2006. Great set and this show was old enough to be recorded on Minidisc. ENjoy!

2006 Reunion of Chavez, V0 mp3s

Ah, I finished eq'ing the Sunny Day Real Estate show from Tempe, but need the info on Venue and figure the name I should put on this recording before I release it. Plus the same guy sent 2 other shows that I need to work on. Hmm, maybe this weekend? We shall see...


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