2X (YOU! Emperor Black Godspeed) equals what?

The 2nd time seeing this great post-rock band live. The music is fantastic and the visuals were stunning. The opening act was called the Dead C and were hardly entertaining compared to Godspeed. The Dead C was a one man looping act with doom riffs sort of. He played a few riffs and it was really repetitive. At least Godspeed came to save the night! Just shy of 2 hours this post rock band played only a handful of songs. "Behemoth" was the most memorable track and is not available on any of Godspeed's albums *yet?*. Anywhoo, enjoy this set from LA's The Fonda!

Godspeed You! Black Emperor at The Fonda / V0mp3s

My buddy smitterous recorded this at the Fox Pomona show 2 days after the LA date. Just listen to this and close your eyes! Imagine being there. Thanks, smitterous for the recording and sharing this with the world! Enjoy this set from Pomona's Fox Theater!

Godspeed You! Black Emperor at The Fox / V0mp3s


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