It's Gonna Be A Midget X-Mas Demo [HUM]

Thanks for downloading my original flac version of HUM's "It's Gonna Be A Midget X-Mas" Demos. My best friend, Tyrone, was working for Christine from Larrikin Management (TOOL, Geraldine Fibbers, psychotica, etc). I happened to make a copy of this cassette from Tyrone who "borrowed" the whatever generation tape that Christine had. I had transferred this cassette many years ago (March 23, 2002 as per date of the original files) and had backed them up luckily and found them recently.

I included png files of the spectral diagrams of each song from my original transfer.

Anywho, I JUST remastered from the original WAV files that I saved and realized that I was transcoding the original. I didn't know this occurred even with the original WAVs. Oh well...

It's Gonna Be A Midget X-Mas Demos (Original Transfer) / flac

It's Gonna Be A Midget X-Mas Demos (Transcoded Remaster) / V0mp3s

I always wanted to hear this track... in a different way!



  1. Thank you for this! The only other format out there for this demo is in MP3. I was hoping to find it in lossless, now I have it FLAC, and so thanks a lot for this man!


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