Houston Lyrics for Overhead

Overhead lyrics by Onesimpleband.

Bender was the song that hooked me into Houston (Minneapolis, MN) from the site MP3.com ages ago.  MP3.com is revamped and is under new ownership so you probably won't find any Houston there.  Just checked that site and it hasn't been updated in 2013... or so.

Anyways, Houston will always be one of my favorites.  One of the few bands that I'm proud to say that I've seen over 15x live.  They even toured with Shiner to the West Coast a few times.  Never a disappointing live show and that "was" a fact.  I sincerely hope that Jeff Halland returns with a music project to remind us how great of a song writer he is.  I'll be posting more lyrics soon for the other albums...


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