Digicidal Tendencies

1st post of December but definitely not the last before the New Years!

Digicide's "Far From Home" is an interesting album because it's in one of my favorite genre's of music--Space Rock.  My only gripe about the album is the non-organic nature of the drums and percussion.  The cymbal crashes are very digital to me and I prefer live drums over programmed. 

"Far From Home" vocals reminds me of Exeter (Cher's son) of the band Deadsy but a lot more brighter/positive.  Jonathan Whittaker's vocals compliment the music great with the swirling keyboards.  One thing I just realized about the digi-tal nature of this album is that the guitars are mostly (all?) direct in (as in guitar plugged into a computer, no amps involved), so this album is devoid of natural amp feedback.

Out of the 10 songs on this album, there are 3 covers and 3 stages (or Failure-esque segues) amongst this album.  One is a Gary Numan track which I'm not familiar with called, "M.E."  Listening to the synthy chorus reminded me of Fear Factory's cover of "Cars."  "M.E." is a cool homage to Mr. Numan.  The 2nd cover is by Pthalo, whom I'm not familiar with, the vocals are a bit on the metalcore side for me.  "Skinny (It's Overflowing)" is off of Quicksand's "Manic Compression."  This version is very digicidal, Larry Suglio is written all over this track with his signature touch.  An interesting take on an ole fave with vocals going through a vocoder.  It sounds like the synths replacing the opening bassline.

Highlights: Anchors and Astronauts, Confines, and The Hypothesis.  GRADE: B


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