SIDE of a Big Time WAVE

Upon returning from band rehearsal for Here Is Not Far, I get home and found an ad for fans of Hum, Shiner, & Failure.  I immediately checked out the album and was floored with how good it is!  Turns out that "Big Time" was released that same day, the 8th of December!

Little did I know that a buddy of mine, Bill Collins, is in the live incarnate of this band with his drummer.  However, it's a long distance thang, Phil Golyshko is in Pacifica, California which is near the Bay Area.  It's quite a commute for the band!  Plus I found out through Phil that they were in the search for a bass player, in which I hopefully got them one recently through another friend on Facebook.

 "Big Time" is the third release this year by Phil or known as Sidewave.  He plays all the instruments on this album and programs the drums.  I'm guessing either Addictive Drums or Superior Drums and it just sounds like a live kit on the album.  On "Honest to God" I'm hearing a bit of shoegaze vocals with guitars that remind me of Barkmarket in a way.  Man, "Sundrop" the intro drums fool me when I listen to it, it just is done really well and sounds live like real drums.  Aww, it's probably the tuning of how downtuned the guitars are the reason why it reminds me of Barkmarket.

NOTE: That is says on their bandcamp that these are "High-quality demo versions of up-coming album."  A release is a release, right?  This will sneak into my 2013 releases of the year list. 

HIGHLIGHTS: Sundrop, Unkind, Hmm, I like all the songs!!!  GRADE: A


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