Shiner-onica - Almost 11 Yr Anniversary

Hey folks, apparently I missed the boat, but it's been almost 11 years since this show.

I flew out to this of course and had a blast in the cold of Missouri air and snow.  Let's see I recall the night started out with the Elevator Division, Dirt Nap, Houston, then the main event.  The Elevator Division played longer than they should have, but at least the gents in Houston were kind enough to cut their set short.  GRRRRRR...

The main event: Shiner played 24 songs that evening and it was pure bliss.  What's a night without a trainwreck?  The 2nd chorus of "Sideways," Sir Allen Epley I believe was a whole note off (give or take) and stopped during that part of the song.  What he says there was pure hilarity and that "Redemption is OURS!"  Unbelievable set tho overall.  Tim Dow played a couple songs especially for "My Life as a Housewife" and Shawn Sherill (bassist on Splay) played on "Brooks." 

Actually I didn't get my buddy's permission to upload this, but I'll do that to get the formalities out of the way.  Yeah, I even had a mishap of my own that night and thank goodness my buddy recorded it!  I thought my condensor mic bit the dust when I reversed the polarities of the batteries!  OOPs!

Enjoy!  And Merry Christmas!

*NOTE: This is the files that my buddy put up, I was not able to get the original master files to RE-master the sound.

Hahaha, simple math done wrong, 11 yrs not 14!


  1. Dude, I just found two of my favorite bands from the 90's on your page. First the Failure reunion and now this Shiner show. I'm very happy to say the least. Thanks for what you do! Cheers, Doug

  2. Hey Doug, thanks for finding my site! Yeah, Shiner and Failure and HUM, oh my! Check out Houston from Minneapolis as well, they toured with Shiner back in the day. is my site as well.


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