Houston, we have a Tad Wovoka?

Before I say much, Fang, recorded the Sea Level Records set of Houston in 2003--the infamous night where the band let me call out the setlist! Pure geekery, honestly, I wish they would have played "If you were a person" live, but I think they may have played it early in Houston's conception! Jesse Mraz (not the pop singer, but their manager) pointed out that I didn't ask for "Manowar"--I was prolly Manowar'd out. But they did open with "Bender," which is the reason why I got into Houston! Hindsight is now 20/20, back then I think I should've asked for their cover of "Limelight," a song they played live during a couple Midwest tours... but never on the West coast. There are live recordings of it tho, I think my buddy, Brett Wilms recorded them in Ohio. So without further adieu, the songs I requested at a in-store set of Houston!

Houston - Sea Level Records In-store

Last Friday was a solid night at Loaded in Hollywood. A 5 band bill of heavy metal/doom/sludge, it was great and I was happy to capture my buddy's in Wovoka for the release of their album, "Saros." Post-metal at its best and reminds me of Isis (the band!). Damn heavy goodness! A nice set from their newly released debut, they even closed with their 13 minute closer on the album, "Eclipse." A 2nd drummer was brought out during the ending of the song and both drummers were bashing away like Animal from the Muppets. These guys are special and it would behoove you to see them live when they tour. I will be catching them again this coming Monday the 20th, (4 - 20!!!) with Barrows's Monday night residency at the Silverlake Lounge. Here's their set from 4/10!

Wovoka at Loaded

Tad is a rad bass player for the post-rock band, called Beware Of Safety. This set proves that he's also talented on guitar and especially the 12 string. This set was impressive at the time (2012) and had to do the honors of capturing his set. This particular evening had a solid line up, but my "someheimers" makes me forget certain things for that night I don't remember who else played--maybe Lightsystem? North? I'll have to track down thru some harddrives to find out who... if I can find the time I'll upload it...

Tad Piecka at Pehrspace


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