Roll Crew / Slow Model: Ode to Sean Roberts RIP

Rather not sit on this till the next anniversary of your passing Sean, right now I was sort of frantically looking for the date for when he passed away. I posted the day that I heard the news, so I looked upon that post... June 10th, 2012. It pains me to listen to these songs of Roll Model and Slow Crew--there is so much beauty in it with the sadness that must've filled Sean's mind from the pains of living so close to the end. Sean D. Roberts was a majestic creature, a creative creature and one that will always inspire me to strive for that sound. Hag Seed is my all time favorite album. It's my desert island disc or desert island record/vinyl. It's my go to record when I'm down. FACK! It's so frustrating to listen to contemporary music in general and that .30-06 should've made a bigger impact than the lackluster cookie cutter bullshit on the radio.

NOTE: I didn't want to leave some of these songs untitled, so I sort of took the liberty to name them... give them a "proper" name so that these beautifully angsty songs have a face to be remembered by the hardcore fans of .30-06. I'll be uploading the Umberhulk live set that was sent to me.

I apologize for sitting on these, but I'm glad that I'm able to share these with you all...

Miss you, brother Sean...

Roll Model & Slow Crew V0mp3


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