The Blackest Shaw

In 2009, I saw Grails at Spaceland and missed them at Three Clubs cos of a stupid fucking comedy show that went on way too late and had to leave before they played. They were supposed to play another venue that evening but was shut down due to some unforeseen reason beyond Grails control. So that particular evening was interesting because they had to crash the Three of Clubs in order to play. Yeah, I remember waiting in the bar for this comedy show to be over, it was bad, awful, shitty for Grails.

Anywho, this show was great and I have very little recollection but it went off without a hitch. The opener was a one guy playing a 12-string acoustic guitar by the name of James Blackshaw. His abilities of performing were impeccable and enjoyable. I have no clue what the song titles are, make up titles if you'd like!



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