The Time of your Life

Last week Thursday, the Life and Times descended into LA finally in support of their latest and greatest, self-titled record. It was a bonus that evening because Mossbreaker and INTRCPTR were having a release party of new music.

Eggciting! INTRCPTR is Larry Herweg of Pelican and Benjamin of 5ive fame (Hail Hydrahead!) a relentless duo of epic proportions. It was a fun and brief set albeit being the opener for 2 other bands. They played their entire EP that night and were the 1st to perform. The song structures were interesting as Larry had given me and smitterous a rundown of how they crafted some of their tunes.

Mossbreaker were great as well, their 1st pressed album ever on vinyl. "Between the noise and you" features Ken Andrews on the title track. So glad it was released. Gabe was having some technical difficulties that evening near the end when his high E string broke unfortunately. Fortunately, he trucked it and played the song ala "5-string" that evening. The set was a good one and should get a release soon on here...

The Life and Times slayed, and I was ultimately surprised that they were playing the entire record, almost from start to finish but in a hybrid order. When I got the record I noticed that the album has a song title that pays homage to their friend, Mark Davis, entitled, "Dark Mavis." Good instrumental song! T=D/S is the 2nd law of physics or something or another? I forget my physics lessons. Anyways, 16 songs and the band visited the vault playing the rest of the set with fan favorites. A fan and friend of mine kept yelling "Raisin in the Sun," unfortunately that song was from a different line up era so the Life and Times have removed themselves from that song in a silent fashion. Well, I'm pooped and need to go to bed!

Oh 1 more thing, Greg Anderson of Southern Lord is recording a new album with Gabe of Mossbreaker at his studio, Akira Audio. One thing I noticed is that Greg was sitting during The Life and Times set but got up to see the mighty Chris Metcalf slay the drums like no other. Sweet Jeezus, Metcalf was on fire that evening and it sounded delicious!



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