7" Shiners

Shiner's 7" collection!

Another post that I forgot to add the covers!


  1. Oh wow, thank you so much for these! I was looking everywhere for a place to download there singles! I was thinking about recording my own with my own turntable and vinyls. But I'm not the best at that sort of thing. I have some experience at it though, recorded some 764-Hero, Red Stars Theory, Flake/Flake Music, and Modest Mouse singles/vinyls before. They turned out okay, but I've always wanted to get everything back out and re do it all again, since I know more now, and I know I could do better. So anyways man, thanks a bunch!

  2. Hey there, so Release has a few skips in it, just thought I would let you kow. Any who, thanks a bunch man!

  3. Hey Jodybear, yeah, unfortunately this time around when I played the 7" it started to skip.


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