Abrams Tank Busting Through

My new favorite band, Abrams, hails from
the state of Colorado. Abrams drummer
had to amicably quit the band either for
job reasons or family, but for this tour
run Zach Amster has a twin brother,
Michael who played drums with them
during this particular show/tour. I've
met Michael through his previous band,
Boarchucker, which was a two piece I
liked a lot. I think I saw Michael's
post about him drumming for his
brother's band which led me to go to
this show.

Abrams is not really stoner rock, but
just heavy rock n roll. Zach and Taylor
trade off vocal duties, but Zach is the
main vocalist of the band at the moment.
"At The End" is my favorite track of
their sophomore album, "Morning." NOTE:
this album has and this particular live
show features both the self-titled track
and the other word, "Mourning," as a

This is a great set since they
performed, "At The End," which is my jam
off their latest. Enjoy this live set!



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