Obey Your Master!

Ok, I promise this will be the last time for "mastering" this show. Both Houston and Shiner at Spaceland in Silverlake. The prior d'loads were not mastered to my liking, but now that I have a technique learned from a sound engineer friend, these are now to my liking! Merry Christmas everybody! Happy New Years!

Features a live version of their cover of My Bloody Valentine's, "Only Shallow."


  1. I know that you've put up all your Shiner shows for download, the ones that you recorded, but do you have any that you didn't?

  2. The only Shiner show that I didn't record was the Madrid show, the farewell show from 2003.

  3. I was meaning Shiner shows that you have, but that you didn't record, and that you haven't put up for download yet? That was all I meant.

  4. Not to say that there's anything wrong with your recordings, because that's obviously not true, at all what so ever. All of your recordings sound amazing, they're some of the best live recordings I have, and especially for Shiner! I just want to find other Shiner shows from when they were still together, before they broke up is all. I don't really quite understand how such an amazing band and such an amazing live band got recorded live so little, and/or at the very least so little has survived through the years.


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