7 Coded

I stumbled upon Codeseven's "The Rescue" and fell in love with the album by way of a used shop a little after the album came out. I believe this had been their 3rd album; correction, their 4th release. I really enjoy this particular album and would listen from start to finish--it's relatively short too. At the time of this show in 2010, they had released this record on LP, bought it and it had all their signatures on it conveniently.

Oh yeah, this was a package tour, this had Circa Survive headline with dredg as direct support alongside Codeseven and Animals as Leaders. What a lineup, a fun night indeed.

NOTE: I was shocked to find that both guitarists use an ole Roland guitar synthesizer midi controller to emulate piano. This tool was made famous by Vernon Reid of Living Colour in which he does synths and guitar simultaneously on "Nothingness." Cool shit, I was impressed with how Codeseven utilize this Roland device. It's been 8 years and haven't heard anything from this underrated band. They may have called it quits maybe?




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