Sunny Day's last run; ruined

Well, this will perhaps be the last Los Angeles date performed by this seminal band. Unfortunately, we won't be able to listen to the fatal forthcoming album by Sunny Day Real Estate since they imploded upon the conclusion of the tour. They were touring behind "Diary" and "LP2" remastered, reissued 20th anniversary of those 2 records. LP2 will always be my #1 album by the band, but I can understand that other hardcore fans love "Diary" more--I just think it's too long of an album. I always thought that "LP2" is a well-trimmed in your face record. During this performance, they strictly played from "Diary" and "LP2," BUT they did play a new song that was to be on their forthcoming album. Unfortunately, they broke up after the subsequent tour. NOTE: Record Store Day got a hold of a new song from their last sessions together called "Lipton Witch." This was the B-side to a Circa Survive tune, so thus it was a split. From what I gathered, this song was not sanctioned by the band to be released on a 7" record. So we only get 2 songs from those sessions and the end of this band is very sad. Oh yeah, there was a contingent of fans saying the new song should be dubbed "10," after songs like "8" and "9." Ironically the new song is the 10th song of this set... Enjoy




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