The Finale LA date of SGM

Sleepytime Gorilla Museum's final LA date at the Troubadour in West Hollywood. Fortunately with the advent of technology, I retrieved the setlist from the mighty! I miss this band, but certainly glad that FREE Salamander Exhibit exists to replace my need for weird esoteric rock. I hope the Gorilla's of the Sleepy Museum Time come back to revisit their music in the near future. Enjoy this set! NOTE: I think their last last show was in San Francisco, this was the show that preceded the SF date.

Got a lot of stuff to upload tonight to the server of ole shows I downloaded from eMusic from 2004 - 2006... coming up soon. Also, I have a bunch of shows queued that are already on the server for some time that needs words to be put into this blog... stay tuned.




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