Pump Up the Volume series, 1 Burning Airlines set

O'Hoy there! I found these mp3s of a Burning Airlines show on the net off of a fan site that I am WAY hazy to remember the link where it came from. It's a show featuring songs off of "Mission: Control." This is a time capsule live set capturing the energy of the debut from J. Robbins of Jawbox fame. I saw them once with Jets to Brazil I believe at the El Rey Theatre in Los Angeles. I don't think I ever saw them play any songs from the sophomore release, "Identikit." I do have a live set from the "Identikit"-era from a CD burned by Fang, just have to unearth that one from somewhere in the treasure chest. This set since I didn't have the master is transcoded from mp3s, so bear with! Enjoy the set with a good pair of headphones! Oh yeah, I do recall the sound guy wasn't doing his job with eliminating feedback in J's monitor! 




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