Pump Up the Volume series, 2 Houston sets

Houston is recording new music! There is activity around this Minnesota powertrio that called it a day in 2004. Time to clear your calendars folks!

This Double Door show features a favorite track off of "Live on Fish Island" that didn't get much play out in the wild... "Trainwreck 1." Followed by "Trainwreck 2" off of Ascetic Records release, "The Socomtonar Collection Volume 1." How tastefully done, these 2 songs performed back to back! OH yeah! I mean, OH Hell Yeah! Oh, let me not overshadow the fact that there is an untitled track never been heard elsewhere? OH my! This untitled track starts off the show too, it's way good too! This show was recorded by Brett Wilms and I luckily still have a copy of the mp3s, so it was transcoded for beefin' up the volume a bit. Dumb Rock 2 followed by Dumb Rock 1, OH man! 

Double Door show featuring "Trainwreck 1" live.



The last Empty Bottle show before their finale in Minneapolis show in June of that year. The longest by far witnessed by those who were in attendance of this fantastic night of Houston. Featuring staple live songs that they would add to their repertoire, all the hits were played... Alas, a sad one indeed, fret not though look forward to the greener pastures, children...

Houston's last Empty Bottle show in 2004.




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