Pump Up The Volume series, 1 Shiner & 1 Stoned

So this set was not recorded live, I suspect since there were gaps at the beginning and end of each track that it was archived as an audio CD. This 1998 set was broadcasted from Rolling Stone's website many moons ago, which I witnessed myself when it was online at the time. I suspect that B.Wilms recorded to MiniDisc from his laptop followed by archiving to CD. So this set was transcoded of course since I don't have access to the master or copy of the master recording. In the original mp3s all of Allen's "Ss" were clipping in the recording so I used Audacity's "De-esser" to remove the harshness of this anomaly in the recording. It did an ok job, however I'm not sure if that plugin was appropriate for what the problem called for. This Empty Bottle show features songs all the way up to the Sub Pop single for "Sleep It Off" b/w "Half-Empty," prior to the release for "Spinning" 7" possibly (which is featured on this recording)? I don't know the exact chronology for when the "Spinning" 7" was released, but it was definitely prior to the release of "Starless." Damn, I just wanted to note this, the recording features Shiner as a powertrio, thus being Allen, Paul, & Tim.



This is just 1 song that I still have from this particular show, may have been the only song released from this set. It's possibly the 1st time "Stoned" was performed live as per Allen's words in this recording. Enjoy the dust! It's an oldie but goodie!




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