Minia Mania part 2, Monday's Tigger

Night #3 of a 15 day blog post Christmas spree!

aMiniature's unreleased album, "Monday's Tiger," was thought to be held captive by their former label, Restless Records. That was not to be the case. At the 2012 Lafayette Hotel show, John Lee, eluded to that one day that this album would be released officially. Well, it's been 10 years after he said that in one of the sets that I captured that evening. John, aMiniature fans are dwindling as the band hasn't been active since that show. As the die hard fans... well, die... off, it's sad that there may never be a formal release of this swansong of an album. So for those who are finding this now, please enjoy this album.

You know, I have a foggy memory, I might have remastered this for brightness and loudness as well as the "A Bit Phased" compilation (I know I did this one)...




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