Year of the Mega Rabbit

So I had the flu'vid and had to postpone the 15 days of Christmas of Bootleg releases. I'm going to play catch up and release a few more posts to be caught up. This would've been night #5, I think.

After Failure broke up and On fizzled 'off,' Ken Andrews formed Year of the Rabbit and recruited Jeff Garber (National Skyline, Castor, The Joy Circuit), Solomon Snyder (Cupcakes, Dovetail Joint), and Tim Dow (Shiner, Season to Risk). The band self-released an EP featuring a Stone Roses cover ("I wanna be adored") and their Elektra self-titled debut on July 9th, 2003. This album to me sounded ever-so carefully produced, however, it felt that Ken had a majority of the writing credits--what would've been a curious exploration is if the band continued with this all-star line up. The next question would be: would Ken have let go the reins and set his crew to cruise control on writing songs and arrangements. Imagine that... something to chew on... 

This performance of 4 songs ("Rabbit Hole" inexplicably got a large chunk cut from the recording) was at the Virgin Megastore in West Hollywood. Not too many in-stores of the alternative rock nature held there but this was a sparsely attended event. It was a toned down volume showcase because there were no drums performed, but a laptop hooked up to the PA that was operated by Tim. No full or half stack amps, but more like practice amps were used for this performance. Stripped down, bare bones, but not acoustic. 

Unfortunately, the band went on indefinite hiatus in 2004 after the label folded from being acquired by another label. Shortly after the band announced this, The Joy Circuit was born without Ken Andrews at the helm. 

Here's a video from that very intimate performance of "Rabbit Hole."


Variable Bit Rate V0 mp3


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