Monday, September 28, 2015

Glass (Giant) (Side)WAVE Review

Release date: October 5th, 2015
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Upon listening the first time of this album I thought it would be a good idea to listen to "Glass Giant" on a stereo instead of my usual auditory experience via computer speakers or headphones. Regrettably it didn't sound so good BECAUSE my stereo speakers are old and outdated from the early years of Black Friday. After the first go around, I listened to Sidewave's album on a good pair of cans. WHOA, nice job Aaron Harris on the mixing job and Chris Common on mastering! This recording is dense as Scooby Doo eating a cut-out heart of Fog!

My favorite tracks so far upon listening are: Lace, Supersonic, Sundrop, HONEST TO GOD, The Illusion Of Light, and Crystallized.

Lace - I'm trying to figure out where the beginning riff reminds me of an older Smashing Pumpkins song. One of my faves from the newer songs. Nice solo there, Will or Phil? The bridge has a nice dreamy/surreal feel. Yup upon the 3rd listen this is my new jam!

Supersonic - Excellent hi-hat work by Brandon on this tune as well as his snare hits on the chorus. This was their sneak attack single released on their soundcloud page.

Sundrop - Glad this was properly recorded for "Glass Giant" as well as Honest to God from the demos. When they play this live I always recognize the intro drum part. 

Honest to God - This is the song that reeled me in as a fan, from the opening riff to the chorus. Nice bass work by Matt during the chorus of this song. One of my favorites from the demos that made the album and definitely happy the way it came out. I can picture this song as being performed by Barkmarket or at least the riff reminds me of Dave Sardy's sludgey riffs.

This is who you are - Ah, I dig this tune, well, I dig too many tunes but hey, I  love this song cause it's got that intro part and THEN the warm fuzzies come to give you goosepimples! That quiet riff before kicking in with the rest of the band, uhhhh... yeah!

Crystallized - This is one of the newer songs that I can tell it "sounds" like the closing track. It's got the subtle feel of being the last song of the album. "Close your eyes, while I kindly slip away..." is Phil's opening line on this tune, see what'd I tell ya... Great closer!

Saturday, September 26, 2015

From the director of 300, comes the tale of HUM

This is my 300th post! So what do you all get with that? Well, in honor of all the HUM shows and tour, I busted out a cassette from the archives that has the boyz... covering Led Zeppelin songs! This is one of those gems that gets rolled out for something special like this. I hope you don't mind the song splits, but the last 3 tracks are sort of a medley, you'll see...

It's a very special set, but unfortunately I didn't label the cassette with the lineage. It's a shame cause I received this cassette from the beginnings of when email was introduced and it was a trade that I got from a fellow fan. I wish I had the info on this, but I'm certainly glad I still have the cassette. I have another show from 1998 before the bus accident that somewhat caused the band to disband. I'm also trying to find another cassette that is from 01/01/01 I believe to have, but just can't find it yet... without a further a-do-do

Enjoy this set!

Info on this set (thanks to Geoff Evans!):

Wednesday, September 23, 2015

Here's some more HUMmus

The lineage on this show is unknown and was sent to schmitty76 who uploaded the FLACs on

I boosted the signal a bit to make it more "audible" and took out the 2 second gaps between the songs. I've got another HUM show from 1998 from the same uploader and will work on that soon. Although I think I found a very special HUM show with unknown lineage but... it has "covers" on the cassette that I need to transfer digitally. Keep your eyes peeled, Tom & Jerry!


Last night at Origami Vinyl was a huge success. There was an accident on the bus going into LA which stalled me for about an hour. Luckily I made it in time for this acoustic performance of Mew. The played 5 songs and serenaded us fans for roughly 25min. It was gorgeous hearing 3 songs off of +-, 1 song off of "No More Stories..." and a medley collection. Here's their set!

Tuesday, September 22, 2015

Houston will Knit a Reverb?

I apologize in advance, but I totally forgot who sent me this recording on CDr in the early 2000s. This is a soundboard recording that I mastered to be center-balanced. The original recording was a little heavy on the left channel, so I fixed that a bit and added a High-pass filter to add some more highs in the mix hopefully. This is one of the few recordings I have that feature the Rush cover, "Limelight."

Fang from Minneapolis recorded this on minidisc. I just did a new mastering job on this with a High-pass filter and added some gain to the mix. Here's the set:

Life and Times of the Romantics

A little dated on this show, BUT not as bad as stale milk! The Life and Times played a great set that night. Playing roughly half of "Lost Bees" and a handful of other tunes from their collection. The surprise of the night was the encore song which was a cover of the song "Talking in your Sleep" by the Romantics. An 80s song ala TLAT style. It was fantastic! People were swooning over the song as Allen Epley sang the lyrics to this 80s hit. Without further adieu dieu:

Tera Queens

It was the first Monday of this month (the 7th) that my buddy DubsLA brought to my attention that Queens of the Stone Age were planning something at the Teragram Ballroom. It was an instagram shot of the Teragram marquee for another band that had played their recently. By Tuesday afternoon if I recall correctly DubsLA found out that Josh Homme was going to make the announcement on his radio show via Itunes on Wednesday evening. Then finally on Wednesday he announces that tickets would go onsale upon the conclusion of his radio show at 8:01PM PDT. Fortunately, my buddy Alex Crane had referred me to the Ticketmaster app that night and that was the real way of scoring the 2 tickets. So DubsLA was informed about the app and we were able to get tickets. The fans that weren't able to get tickets because they thought that it would on the Ticketmaster website were dismayed and upset via Facebook and Twitter feeds.

This was my initiation show for the newly opened Teragram Ballroom. Nice place, great staff, and the sound was huge. Bill Burr opened/started the night with his stand up routine--not too familiar with this comic and had to wait outside shortly till Queens of the Stone Age hit the stage. The lighting was fantastic for the set, it brought out a dark aura which fit the mood perfectly. This would be the first time seeing the band with Jon Theodore on the drumkit since I last saw him with The Holloys opening for I think Russian Circles and Fang Island (?). Prior to that set would be the Henry Fonda Theater show for the Mars Volta when De-Loused in the Comatorium came out. Anyway, it's always great seeing Jon play the drums. Also, this was the first time seeing Queens of the Stone Age since something like 2006 maybe? I don't recall exactly the date and I probably have the stub somewhere in my ticket stub collection.

Anywho, the set was great, lots of Like Clockwork and a collection of other songs were played. It was great seeing them again in this setting in a small-to-medium sized venue. Very intimate and the band was in top form. If you see their page for this show, there were roughly 3-4 songs cut from the set, but they played a decent length set and everyone left satiated.

Enjoy the Teragram Ballroom set:

Saturday, September 19, 2015

Demonic Shiner

Hi folks, another hot off the press demo recording that a friend sent to me via dropbox. My buddy Dan transferred his cassette of the Shiner's "Starless" Demos. I noticed that the wav included "My Two Black Eyes" and "Sleep It Off." Unfortunately the former song fades out and is not the same version as the reissue of Lula Divinia, in which the song fades out and abruptly starts again and then ends. I think these two songs were just thrown in there for posterity sake and not really (possibly) part of the Starless demos. Enjoy this beast of an offering!


Hey there folks, sorry for the lack of updates, I'm back in school to try to get my bachelors in art. Wish me luck...

Hum played in Solana Beach north of San Diego last Wednesday night and I went with a buddy and his wife. Turns out that a fellow Swervedriver fan, Whitney, dated Jeff Dimpsey of the mighty Hum. So prior to the date, she and I were discussing and hammering out details for the show. Getting reunited with the band and Chris Green who was a major help with Lollapalooza back in the day (I bumped into Chris at the 1996 stop when Thirty Ought Six played the 3rd stage).

Upon the day, we arrive in Solana roughly a few hours before doors and happen to run into Jeff and Whitney in front of the venue. They decided that it would be a good idea to hang at Culture Brewery down the tstreet. Ended up hanging out with a few more friends that arrived a bit later with Jeff Dimpsey. I also had the opportunity to get all my vinyl and 7"s signed by Jeff. While showing all the stuff I had, Jeff said he'll try to help me get the rest of the schwag signed by the rest of Hum at the end of the night. Oh I was so happy. Also found out that Hum was going to reunite sooner--3 years ago they were going to tour but Bryan St Pere backed out of the commitment last minute. Finally, it's happening... or happened.

The Belly Up Tavern was a cool joint, fairly small and I'd say it rounded out to be the size of the Troubadour possibly(?). Close to the beach and parking wasn't a hassle at all, maybe getting there uber early helped with parking in front of the Belly Up. That night it was just Mineral and Hum. Mineral played thru their roughly an hour set and I recall that they played their known songs near the beginning to half way through the set. I was once a fan of Mineral and this 3rd time seeing them I was far from elated (last year was their time reunion shows). It was a lackluster set. I didn't record their sets for Mineral either nights. It was just really disappointing.

Finally, Hum tore through their set magnificently. It was absolutely mindblowing.

Here's the Belly Up Tavern set:

The friends I stayed with weren't too thrilled with seeing Mineral and weren't familiar with Mossbreaker so we bowed out and left Corona about 9pm-ish last night. We arrived an hour later and I caught the last song of Mineral's set. Hi-fives everywhere since alot of my friends were there to enjoy Hum. I was definitely worried about how the Hum set would sound cause of how cavernous the Regent Theater is. However, my doubts were lifted as Hum was loud enough to break through the reverbiness of the place. I was relieved!

Here's the Regent show: