Glass (Giant) (Side)WAVE Review

Release date: October 5th, 2015
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Upon listening the first time of this album I thought it would be a good idea to listen to "Glass Giant" on a stereo instead of my usual auditory experience via computer speakers or headphones. Regrettably it didn't sound so good BECAUSE my stereo speakers are old and outdated from the early years of Black Friday. After the first go around, I listened to Sidewave's album on a good pair of cans. WHOA, nice job Aaron Harris on the mixing job and Chris Common on mastering! This recording is dense as Scooby Doo eating a cut-out heart of Fog!

My favorite tracks so far upon listening are: Lace, Supersonic, Sundrop, HONEST TO GOD, The Illusion Of Light, and Crystallized.

Lace - I'm trying to figure out where the beginning riff reminds me of an older Smashing Pumpkins song. One of my faves from the newer songs. Nice solo there, Will or Phil? The bridge has a nice dreamy/surreal feel. Yup upon the 3rd listen this is my new jam!

Supersonic - Excellent hi-hat work by Brandon on this tune as well as his snare hits on the chorus. This was their sneak attack single released on their soundcloud page.

Sundrop - Glad this was properly recorded for "Glass Giant" as well as Honest to God from the demos. When they play this live I always recognize the intro drum part. 

Honest to God - This is the song that reeled me in as a fan, from the opening riff to the chorus. Nice bass work by Matt during the chorus of this song. One of my favorites from the demos that made the album and definitely happy the way it came out. I can picture this song as being performed by Barkmarket or at least the riff reminds me of Dave Sardy's sludgey riffs.

This is who you are - Ah, I dig this tune, well, I dig too many tunes but hey, I  love this song cause it's got that intro part and THEN the warm fuzzies come to give you goosepimples! That quiet riff before kicking in with the rest of the band, uhhhh... yeah!

Crystallized - This is one of the newer songs that I can tell it "sounds" like the closing track. It's got the subtle feel of being the last song of the album. "Close your eyes, while I kindly slip away..." is Phil's opening line on this tune, see what'd I tell ya... Great closer!


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