From the director of 300, comes the tale of HUM

This is my 300th post! So what do you all get with that? Well, in honor of all the HUM shows and tour, I busted out a cassette from the archives that has the boyz... covering Led Zeppelin songs! This is one of those gems that gets rolled out for something special like this. I hope you don't mind the song splits, but the last 3 tracks are sort of a medley, you'll see...

It's a very special set, but unfortunately I didn't label the cassette with the lineage. It's a shame cause I received this cassette from the beginnings of when email was introduced and it was a trade that I got from a fellow fan. I wish I had the info on this, but I'm certainly glad I still have the cassette. I have another show from 1998 before the bus accident that somewhat caused the band to disband. I'm also trying to find another cassette that is from 01/01/01 I believe to have, but just can't find it yet... without a further a-do-do

Enjoy this set!

Info on this set (thanks to Geoff Evans!):


  1. Thanks so much for this show! This is a really great show! I believe it was at the Blind Pig in Champaign, IL on 02-24-1994. I've found set lists for this show but they only ever mention the Led Zepplin covers. Would it be possible to get this in FLAC or WAV or some other kind of lossless format? I try to get lossless whenever I can but if not it's cool. I'm just so glad I found this. Anyways, thanks again man!

  2. Could I possibly get this in FLAC? This is by far my favorite and oldest Hum show that I have. I would really love to have it in lossless, if that's possible. Thanks a bunch!

    1. I'm sorry, but I don't have the speeds to upload FLACs at home, nor do I have the time to do it either. I still have a lot of shows to release that need love too. FLACs would tax my server big time, so I can't.

  3. Oh wow man thanks for responding. It's okay you know I totally understand. I have several computers that are all weighted down in my collection of FLAC's. I need to start uploading them onto disks so I don't have to keep erasing things but I don't really have the time and energy for that. Well damn, I was going to ask since I figured that was a no go if I could maybe possibly get a copy of your tape? You know I'd pay you to make me a copy. But anyways, thanks a bunch for responding and thanks again for all that you've uploaded. These type of music blogs/sites are getting fewer and farther between, at least it seams to me.

  4. You didn't mention but it looks and sounds like there are two shows here. Blind Pig, Champaign, IL on 02-24-1994, and Blind Pig, Champaign, IL on 02-25-1996. Did you happen to get that tape from Chris Sakamoto? He had both shows on his old trader site.


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