Tera Queens

It was the first Monday of this month (the 7th) that my buddy DubsLA brought to my attention that Queens of the Stone Age were planning something at the Teragram Ballroom. It was an instagram shot of the Teragram marquee for another band that had played their recently. By Tuesday afternoon if I recall correctly DubsLA found out that Josh Homme was going to make the announcement on his radio show via Itunes on Wednesday evening. Then finally on Wednesday he announces that tickets would go onsale upon the conclusion of his radio show at 8:01PM PDT. Fortunately, my buddy Alex Crane had referred me to the Ticketmaster app that night and that was the real way of scoring the 2 tickets. So DubsLA was informed about the app and we were able to get tickets. The fans that weren't able to get tickets because they thought that it would on the Ticketmaster website were dismayed and upset via Facebook and Twitter feeds.

This was my initiation show for the newly opened Teragram Ballroom. Nice place, great staff, and the sound was huge. Bill Burr opened/started the night with his stand up routine--not too familiar with this comic and had to wait outside shortly till Queens of the Stone Age hit the stage. The lighting was fantastic for the set, it brought out a dark aura which fit the mood perfectly. This would be the first time seeing the band with Jon Theodore on the drumkit since I last saw him with The Holloys opening for I think Russian Circles and Fang Island (?). Prior to that set would be the Henry Fonda Theater show for the Mars Volta when De-Loused in the Comatorium came out. Anyway, it's always great seeing Jon play the drums. Also, this was the first time seeing Queens of the Stone Age since something like 2006 maybe? I don't recall exactly the date and I probably have the stub somewhere in my ticket stub collection.

Anywho, the set was great, lots of Like Clockwork and a collection of other songs were played. It was great seeing them again in this setting in a small-to-medium sized venue. Very intimate and the band was in top form. If you see their setlist.fm page for this show, there were roughly 3-4 songs cut from the set, but they played a decent length set and everyone left satiated.

Enjoy the Teragram Ballroom set:


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