Demonic Shiner

Hi folks, another hot off the press demo recording that a friend sent to me via dropbox. My buddy Dan transferred his cassette of the Shiner's "Starless" Demos. I noticed that the wav included "My Two Black Eyes" and "Sleep It Off." Unfortunately the former song fades out and is not the same version as the reissue of Lula Divinia, in which the song fades out and abruptly starts again and then ends. I think these two songs were just thrown in there for posterity sake and not really (possibly) part of the Starless demos. Enjoy this beast of an offering!


  1. These are really great!! Thank you so much for these!! I never thought I would or could find any Shiner demo's!! I knew they existed, but I thought they were closely guarded by Allen Epley or something. Maybe for the Shiner rarity compilation that never came to be for some reason. But I was wondering and hoping if there are demo's for any of the other albums that you know of? Possibly for Splay or Lula Divinia? Those being my favorite Shiner albums so I always wanted to find demo's for them. Anyways, thanks again so much!!

  2. Does your friend Dan have any other rare Shiner like this?


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