Hey there folks, sorry for the lack of updates, I'm back in school to try to get my bachelors in art. Wish me luck...

Hum played in Solana Beach north of San Diego last Wednesday night and I went with a buddy and his wife. Turns out that a fellow Swervedriver fan, Whitney, dated Jeff Dimpsey of the mighty Hum. So prior to the date, she and I were discussing and hammering out details for the show. Getting reunited with the band and Chris Green who was a major help with Lollapalooza back in the day (I bumped into Chris at the 1996 stop when Thirty Ought Six played the 3rd stage).

Upon the day, we arrive in Solana roughly a few hours before doors and happen to run into Jeff and Whitney in front of the venue. They decided that it would be a good idea to hang at Culture Brewery down the tstreet. Ended up hanging out with a few more friends that arrived a bit later with Jeff Dimpsey. I also had the opportunity to get all my vinyl and 7"s signed by Jeff. While showing all the stuff I had, Jeff said he'll try to help me get the rest of the schwag signed by the rest of Hum at the end of the night. Oh I was so happy. Also found out that Hum was going to reunite sooner--3 years ago they were going to tour but Bryan St Pere backed out of the commitment last minute. Finally, it's happening... or happened.

The Belly Up Tavern was a cool joint, fairly small and I'd say it rounded out to be the size of the Troubadour possibly(?). Close to the beach and parking wasn't a hassle at all, maybe getting there uber early helped with parking in front of the Belly Up. That night it was just Mineral and Hum. Mineral played thru their roughly an hour set and I recall that they played their known songs near the beginning to half way through the set. I was once a fan of Mineral and this 3rd time seeing them I was far from elated (last year was their time reunion shows). It was a lackluster set. I didn't record their sets for Mineral either nights. It was just really disappointing.

Finally, Hum tore through their set magnificently. It was absolutely mindblowing.

Here's the Belly Up Tavern set:

The friends I stayed with weren't too thrilled with seeing Mineral and weren't familiar with Mossbreaker so we bowed out and left Corona about 9pm-ish last night. We arrived an hour later and I caught the last song of Mineral's set. Hi-fives everywhere since alot of my friends were there to enjoy Hum. I was definitely worried about how the Hum set would sound cause of how cavernous the Regent Theater is. However, my doubts were lifted as Hum was loud enough to break through the reverbiness of the place. I was relieved!

Here's the Regent show:


  1. So much awesome going on with the audio for both shows. I was so mad at myself for not going to the Regent show. Sounds AMAZING!


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