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By request at your behest, Jodybear!

This was one of the most memorable show that will stain my brain forever. I regret not recording them but it was the 1st time that I was exposed to El Ten Eleven. I had no idea who they were but this was like one of their first of several shows that they've ever played. If I recall correctly, Allen Epley had mentioned that they were the most memorable opener of that tour. Unfortunately my recording of this on minidisc did not behave for 2 songs of this set that were *cut*, it was just the medium itself that didn't fare to well. Minidiscs weren't 100% reliable even back then, which sucked. Shit happens!

What I remember about this set was hanging out with John Meredith who played bass on The Flat End of the Earth at the time. I think that's how I was introduced to Someday I, his other band from Boulder, CO. Mike Meyers played phenomenally that night. I miss these tunes... but since it's a different incarnation of his band, Allen continues to write epic music and moves on from this early
era of TLAT. Enjoy...


Greg from a band called Overtone and fellow ThirdGearScratcher had TLAT play his youth center in 2006 in which they headlined. This was a cool set, altho I admit I remember Muscle Cars had a loop that Allen recorded on the DL4 looping pedal for his voice. Pretty cool. Well, it's late again as usual. Enjoy this set!



  1. Oh cool, so awesome!!! Thank you so much for putting these up!!! I'm so happy to finally have these shows, to finally hear them!!! I absolutely love early TLAT!! 2003 to 2006 are my absolute favorite years for them!! I'm always looking for recordings of there shows from back then, it always makes my day when I can find something new to listen to, and to add to my TLAT live collection. So anyways I really appreciate you taking the time to put these up, thank you so much for that, and for everything that you do on here!!! Keep it up!!!


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