Tribute to Caleb Scofield part 1: Zozobra

I don't remember the exact day this year that I heard the news from my buddy Christopher Dwyer about Caleb Scofield killed in a car crash. It was horrible news that turned my day upside down and it was hard to go on that day without thinking that I won't see Caleb perform anymore. The impact was felt everywhere and a lot of people who knew him felt the affects more I imagined. I remember the last time I saw Old Man Gloom and they were supporting their album that was released at the time, "NO," at the Echo. I asked all guys in the band to sign my LP jacket and they all obliged including Caleb who was just an all smiles kind-of-guy. I only knew of him as a fan and I hope that his family will heal with his presence being missed. Rest in peace, Caleb Scofield.

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