Amazing Bill This Past Evenin'

It was a night of metal mayhem... or a night of death metal mayhem. Yeah, it's going back to my high school roots, but it was at the Cobalt Cafe of all places!!! It was a great show, got there super early which meant meandering through high school bands that played this night. There were many a skilled guitarists in the 1st few bands that played.

BUT, I have to say that the best noodlin' of the night goes to Slaughterbox. Blazing fast tapping, crazy blast beats, and of course the cookie monster vocals to go with. Their set was awesome. Afterwards was IntrOnaut, which was the main reason why I came to the show. They played a great set, unfortunately they didn't unveil any new songs for this evening. My highlight was IntrOnaut playing Sundial, which is my favorite song by them. The night was closed with a set by Cattle Decapitation. The kick drums sounded like triggered kick drums and had that classic clicking sound. The guitarist had a few pedals of choice and I was impressed with his use of the Whammy pedal. The vocalist was screaming cookies!!! Classic and brutal at the same time.

I did record IntrOnaut, and a bit of Cattle Decapitation. Wish I had known about Slaughterbox, but didn't get them. I ran out of space on the Ed, for C.D.

Oh yeah, I have to thank Derek for giving me his wonderful idea of interviewing bands and putting them up here on my blog. Slaughterbox will be my first offering for this NEW venture!!!


Intronaut are writing new material for their next album and have been documenting the sessions. You can check out the first in a planned series of webisodes from the writing sessions online HERE.

Glassjaw have mapped out the following three Californian shows for November:
November 11th Los Angeles, CA - The Mayan Theater
November 12th Pomona, CA - The Glass House
November 13th San Francisco, CA - The Regency Ballroom

Prime Directive Records are currently putting together a remastered collection of Disembodied's first few 7" outings for release on a single CD. The outing will be titled "Psalms Of Sheol" and will see a release in the near future. The group will be playing the Ieper Fest in Belgium this coming Sunday, August 30th.


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