My findings... A Field Reporter's Guide

Last night El Ten Eleven played @ the Bootleg Theater. They played a majority of new songs while visiting from each of their previous releases. 2 titles of 2 of the new songs that were played last night were: "Indian Winter" & "Marriage is the new going steady." Oh yeah, I had to leave during their encore of "My Only Swerving" & "Disorder (Joy Division cover)." So those last 2 songs were not recorded. I do have their cover of "Disorder" from a Hotel Cafe show from earlier this year, but may not have released it. I still have to get an ok if I can upload last night's show altho they are doing a tour in the last quarter of the year. BUT I also have to ask Kristian & Tim if they've begun recording their 4th effort yet and to see if they're doing it on their own. Lots of questions to ask!!! I'll report "my findings" here later.

Last Tuesday I went to the Center of Performing Arts in Eagle Rock to see Sunn O))) perform. It was my first time seeing them and the openers: The Accused & Eagle Twin. While waiting in line for the show I overheard that Gentry was playing... WHOA, Gentry of Iceburn & The Iceburn Collective? Shoot, I should've worn my Iceburn Collective shirt from the 90's. Gentry's new band is called, "Eagle Twin." It's a 2 piece w/him on guitar/vocals & a awesome drummer. I'm not good w/genre's but Gentry's guitar was tuned the lowest you could ever go on a guitar. Absolutely heavy and sludgey. Good stuff...

Travelling in a short spanned time machine, I went to see Torche & Big Business @ the Knitting Factory on the 5th (Wednesday) for a Scion FREE metal show. It was a free show, good god, the line was long but we all managed to get in as long as you're in the RSVP list so they can email their crap about Scion Cars. Big Business was amazing and Torche was fantastic. BTW, that night I wore my Riddle of Steel shirt using the Motorhead "Hell dog" logo and Travis (right? Lead sing of Torche, or his name is???) complimented my shirt and said that Andrew was a possible candidate for being Torche's 2nd guitarist. So there was a rapport w/Andrew and Travis at one point. That would have been real interesting!!! Bring some tapping madness to Torche??!!


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