Someday I will inform you...

I uploaded this Kárin Tatoyan set last night but finally got around to doing the html on my site. This was a poignant evening in which she played "Someday I will Inform You," live for the 1st time I think. I'll find out if I'm right or wrong about that from herself hopefully thru email.

From my site's page for Kárin Tatoyan:
Oh man, what a night. This was the night about good timing because El Ten Eleven were playing a free show 8 miles away @ a restaurant called "Home!!!" Actually, it does not include exclamations in the name of this place, so it's just, "Home." I emailed Kárin about set times thru myspace and she was supposed to be 1st. I think this was a CD release party for a band called Seasons (NOTE: I wasn't around to record Seasons).

Upon arriving at the Echo, my buddy (Armel) and I discovered that they switched set times for Kárin for the 2nd slot!! This was a possible monkey wrench for the evening. But Kárin played beautifully as always with the aid of her bandmates, Andrew and Thomas. The set was amazing. The 1st song, "Someday I Will Inform You" was awesome. In fact, Thomas (1-second time machine) asked for an mp3 of the song for the band to reference for recording the studio version!!! I was ecstatic making an mp3 of that song just for the band.

Armel and I were very fortunate to catch an evening of 2 of my favorite artists in one night at 2 different venues!!! Very cool indeed.

V0 mp3s, HERE!

Next up is a VERY recent show of El Ten Eleven that I'm ecstatic about. It's the August 14th show at the Bootleg Theater.

From my El Ten Eleven bootleg page:
This was sort of a homecoming show from their tour across the states. It was an awesome show because they played a total of 6 new songs at this show. The unfortunate thing about this show was that they went on a little after 12AM and I didn't catch the whole encore. I got 1 song that was part of the encore, which was a new one called "Marriage is the new going steady." Not included in this recording was "My Only Swerving" and "Disorder" by Joy Division. Those last 2 songs was the time that I was leaving. I txt'd Kristian about what songs they closed their encore with but wasn't bummed. I did record their version of "Disorder" at a Hotel Cafe show earlier this year.

The 10 11's next show is in October 24th again at the Bootleg Theater!!! This time they should get a better set time, hopefully.

V0 mp3s, HERE!

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  1. I got lots of requests, lol, my man and me obviously have no life. Wish I was around back when you had the time for this type of thing. Someday sometime please post up The Life and Times - 2003/xx/xx, Casbah's, San Diego, CA, Shiner - 1998/04/23, Empty Bottle, Chicago, IL, Shiner - 1998/04/25, O'Cayz Corral, Madison, WI...


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