Friday Nights @ the Gap

Just returned from my buddy Shon's acoustic performance with his band, Friday Nights. Mike (acoustic guitar) and Jerry (percussion) did an awesome job of playing this evening. Unfortunately there were problems with Shon's loaned acoustic bass during much of the last half of the 1st set and through out the 2nd set. It was the electronics of the acoustic bass which was the issue. But it was good overall in which Mike and Jerry held it together. Both sets were recorded on the Ed and Shon will tweak the recordings for me on his Pro Tools rig.

Oh yeah, mid last week I decided to buy a 16GB SDHC card for the Ed. Man! That's a lot of memory, but good enough to last me awhile hopefully.

I'm upset this evening after getting an email from my friend's boyfriend that his friend bought a four pack of tix to Mastodon, Dethklok, Converge & HIgh on Fire. I waited out for this guy to return my email re: me buying a four pack of tix to go to this show. It sucks cause it's at the Palladium and they are SUPER strict about security and they use magnetic wands. Oh well, not sure if I'm going to this show at all, thanks, Nick, you're a dick! And fuck you Live Nation!!!

Coming up I've got an Intronaut & Cattle Decapitation show @ the Cobalt Cafe on Friday.

Then Mew the following week!!! Yippee!!!


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