Boilermaker is up from '01

Live Boilermaker from Casbah's. It was the "Leucadia" CD release party. Might have been the last known Boilermaker show before the disbanded/went on hiatus. This is the 2nd edition that was eq'd yesterday. There's some hiss in the last song and a skip from the minidisc on the 3rd song. 'Ere tis in all its glory:

Boilermaker 10/7/01 V0/mp3

The last time I saw Terrin play was when he joined Pinback for a single show @ the Orange County Performing Arts Center with El Ten Eleven. Actually he did that tour for 2008 with Pinback now that I recall. He played keyboards and some bass. That show will eventually be redone too and be uploaded sometime in the future. Oh yeah, I did see Terrin and the Jade Shader in 2006 I believe opening for the Life and Times (@ Spaceland). That was an awesome show and I regret to inform that I didn't record their set. That was the 1st and last time I'll ever see the Jade Shader. Sad...

Your fans miss you,
Terrin Durfey R.I.P.


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