Boxing Jaws - Round 1

Round #1, a sold out gig and Craig Wedren of Shudder To Think played solo with an electric guitar and a looping pedal for his voice. It was cool to see him live but wished he was backed by a band. Two of the songs were from Shudder To Think and the rest were from his solo works. Oh yeah, he had a very tiny keyboard/synthesizer that he played and sang over. Not sure if I'll release this...

Jawbox was in top form from the git go. Every moment was to savor(y). They banged out 24 songs in a span of less than an hour and a half. This was my first time ever seeing Jawbox, and I'm glad I went both nights cause they changed up the set a bit. The set started with their first song from the self-titled record, "Mirrorful" and one of the highlights were "Green Glass," since the Life and Times covered it a few years ago on the Jawbox tribute album, "Until the Shaking Stops." The band played my favorite tune on both nights, which was "Iodine" from the self-titled record and to hear it live finally was awesome. It was great to hear a variety from their repertoire and the first night left me wanting to hear more songs. With such a wide breadth of material it was a great show nonetheless.

NOTE: I compared both shows this afternoon and noticed that this one is a little less bright than Round #2. I mastered both nights the same way, but I think there was a different soundboard person than the night after, thus the shows do not sound exactly alike.

320mp3 (High Fidelity, but larger files)

V0mp3 (High Fidelity, but slimmed down the data)


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