Toothy Moon

I started to listen to the first single from "Crux" on Spotify, but I was not paying attention to the details about the band. "Trust" was on Spotify's Release Radar and that was how I was introduced to the band after hearing the 2nd release, "Omega Days," which I was extremely floored to hear. So after putting a name to a song, I then discovered that the New York band was opening for Lamb Of God's Mark Morton and Light the Torch at the Roxy the following Monday. I sourly bought a ticket for the show just to watch the opener mainly, it was sort of a painful $30 for a brief set. But the band was selling the forthcoming alb on this tour in particular before its official release.

I got there a bit before doors opened and met a couple fans of the other acts in line. I went to the merch area for the bands and bought the last tour edition of "Crux" LP green mixed with black swirl. It was the display version that I bought and after their set I asked if they would sign the vinyl and they earnestly did. All the guys are super nice and enthusiastic about this tour. I had found out that this was their 3rd time coming to the West Coast and that the previous tour stop in Los Angeles was at the Viper Room headlining. I was aghast and recalled Metal Assault might have procured this show which I regretfully didn't go to.

Moon Tooth hit the stage right on time without delay. Wow the song delivery live of the 1st two songs I've heard on Spotify had a lot of energy and they smashed the stage with their incredible hooks. "Omega Days" was performed dead on to the recorded version and "Awe at all angles" was also icing on the cake. Albeit playing a short set, they squeezed in "Igneous" from their album "Chromaparagon" (a great song as well) and "Ebb/Flow" from their "Freaks" EP.

Please support this band as much as possible to help get the word out. These guys deliver the goods and have the hooks so buy their merch at and go see them when they come through your town.




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